Safari For Windows

At last one of my favorite browser is coming to windows, it's the safar 3.0 for windows!. Steve Jobs once said that iTunes on Windows was like “giving ice water to someone in hell”. Today, Apple is giving more ice water to the people of hell by releasing a public beta of Safari 3.0 to Windows users.

According to Apple, Safari 3.0 is 2 times faster than Internet Explorer and 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2 when loading pages. My experience say that this web browser is fast and is worth to try.

  • Improved inline find. When using the Find Command in Safari (cmd-f), a find bar will appear on top allowing you to enter your search term. When a matched text is found, Safari will dim the page and show the selected match with an orange background with white border.
  • Drag and drop tabs.
  • Resizable text field — Safari lets you resize textarea forms.

Windows and Mac users can now download the public beta from here

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