Dell Invention

Do you know In 2003 Dell launched and pioneered an industry-wide initiative to develop the next-generation digital display interface. DisplayPort, a cutting-edge, industry-endorsed technology that will be the standard for all new desktop and notebook PCs. Its introduction will not only usher in a new era of visual performance and usability. I hope it will make us the concumer feel comfortable with this invention.

Yahoo Messenger VS Skype (VOIP)

These two software are the software I use for internet calling, as a VOIP provider i think i like Skype more than the YM because its more reliable and stable. Yahoo Messenger is not a bad choise but I like it for Video chat than to use it for Voice Chat. So I often use use these two software simultaneously YM for Video and Skype for VOIP. What do you think?

Online Banking with Dell

Now I'm using my Dell notebook as my primary working computer, this include the online banking actvities. There are several tips for doing online banking:
  1. Make sure you're access the "https" site
  2. Choose bank who provide TOKEN RING for password to the transaction
  3. Make sure you always clean up the private data after done with the transaction. It's easy to do this with Mozilla Firefox just press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL
  4. DO NOT use public computer! eg. computer from internet cafe, if you must use another online service...
That's all from me.

Dell Data Recovery

After having my Dell Latitude D620 running smooth with a clean installation of Windows XP Pro, I've just plan to use another laptop data recovery software. I'm still trying to get my old Dell Restore and Utilities partition on my hard disk. Previously I use the partition magic to make the FAT 16 and 32 partition then I use the Partition Recovery software to recover the lost partition. I use the clone to mother partition method because the lost partitions have overlaped the current partition. Still can get this thing work and still need help from Dell user just to get my original factory setting back to my laptop.

Second Life

I've just installed Second Life on my Dell notebook.

I think this is a little bit boring and need a very high speed internet connection. For me who live in Indonesia I cannot run this game smooth. The graphic is very laggy and it's very annoying. I'm still choose to play Tales of Pirates aka Pirate King Online for online game.

Dell D620 HSDPA

Currently im trying to connect to the internet via installed HSDPA modem on my Dell Latitude D620. Can it be use with other 3G provider which not supported by the driver from the disc?


Just relax with your friends, enjoy a cup of ho latte, and connect to the Internet through hotspot from teh cafe..

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

I've just got arived from windows shopping to one of the biggest mall in Jakarta. As I notice the computer store sell two different version of microsoft product, the boxed one(retail) and the OEM version. For me as a buyer I'll definetfly choose the OEM version, WHY?'s all because the price factor. The OEM version of Windows Vista Business sell for only Rp. 1.800.000 but the retailversion of Windows Vista Home Edition is sell for Rp. 2.500.000. With that spread of price you can buy another Symantec Norton Anti Virus with one year subscription.
But remembering me as a perfectionist person so I will buy the boxed(retail) version no matter how...
Why don't they (software developer) make the cheaper version...

Dell Optilex 320

After using Dell notebook I started thinking to buy a Dell Optilex 320 for my home office. Why Optilex 320? I'll use this computer only for word processor, internet and other office software. An Intel D series processor I think meet the standard for this purpose. My pick is Intel® Pentium® D Processor with Dual Core Technology 3.0 Mhz . I'm planing to upgrade its graphic card so I can use dual monitor on my Dell.

SimCity Societies

Another SimCity series is soon tobe launch by Electronic Arts.

This game allows players to create their own kinds of cities, shape their cultures, societal behaviors and environments. Build an artistic city, an Orwellian city, futuristic city, green city, spiritual community or any society you want! With more accessible and innovative choices than before, SimCity Societies is the most versatile city building game. And you can also share your city with your friends online.

Battery Leakage

A friend of mine use the same notebook as me - a Dell Latitude D620. After share some information about our notebook he told me that the 6 cells battery pack for D620 is running out of power fast. My D620 use the 9 cells battery and I have no problem working with my computer mobile. I plan to buy the 6 cells battery pack, is anyone having the same problem with my friend?

Dell Vostro

A new dell business notebook - Vostro is anounced on Dell official web site. A quite powerfull core 2 duo processor, with upto 256mb dedicated graphic card and a very reasonable price. I think this notebook is a great choice for worker with tight budget but have a good expectation for a notebook


It's time to get rid the "very annoying ddwin.exe" error message!!!.

After google about ddwin.exe error message I finaly found how to get rid of this message. Here's how:
  1. Make sure you have the genuine version of windows (in my case Windows XP - SP2)
  2. Run all you windows update (Mine is 82 updates), restart after it's done.
  3. The message should have disappeared when you complete the Windows Update.
If I known before about this thing I should still have my Dell System Recovery partition in may Dell Latitude D620 Notebook. A lesson tobe learn is - be patience read and gather all information when you're confronting some new serious problem. I skip that patience thing with Windows XP and I have to lose my DSR Partition. I miss my mac.

How To Fix Dell System Recovery

I finaly give up to the Dell System Recovery partition thing. I was trying to use the partition magic to make a new DELLRESTORE partition - a FAT32 partition,it works but when I try to use the Partition Recevery to recover a overlaped partition the partition I make is not even exist in the select menu for cloning the partition. And so I think maybe someday this will work, but for now I just clean install the Windows Xp sp 2 from Dell Recovery Disk - erasing my previous partition (the Utility and Restore partition) - I can use it for doing my project anyway - less the factory default reset option for sure, but I'll be very thankful if someone tell me the step by step guide for repairing this "ACCIDENTALLY ERASE DSR PARTITION PROBLEM". Thanks.