Dell System Restore

I accidentally delete my Dell Latitude D620 restore system partition when i try to reinstall my notebook with Windows XP. Now I work on resuming the partition that I delete with Norton Partition Magic 8.0 and Meetsoft Partition Recovery 2.0.2. Anyone have experience with this issue?

Removing Arrow From Windows XP Shortcut Icon

Desktop Shortcut Icons are accompanied by a shortcut arrow by default on Windows, and if you find them annoying and want to remove the shortcut arrow on icons, here’s what you have to do:

  • Go to Start >> Run
  • Type regedit.exe and hit enter
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
    Explorer\Shell Icons. If this key doesn’t exist, create one.
  • Create a new string value under this key by right clicking and name it as 29
  • Set its value to C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll,52
  • Close the Registry editor, and restart your computer for changes to take effect
Hope this tip is usefull

DWWIN.EXE Problem fixed

After 2 hours browse the internet to find out how to get rid of the annoying message "dwwin.exe - dll initialization error..." I finally made it. It all because of the Internet Explorer 7.0, I follow the sugestion from, then I uninstall the Internet Explorer 7.0 with all its component, and the result : IT'S DISAPEAR!!!, thanks god. Now Im using Firefox as my internet browser it's faster but I have to use the IE if I want to run the diagnostic tools from Dell.

Annoying DWWIN.EXE problem

It is my second day using windows xp and now I already got an error message everytime I shut down my Dell Latitude D620 notebook. Error "dwwin.exe - DLL initialization faild" that's what it says, i've google this proble but the best result to fix this problem is to disable the report unless it get crucial. Oh my god can anybody give me another good solution?

Pirate King Online aka Tales Of Pirate

It's my third month playing this MMORPG, it's fun, it's challenging and for sure it's online. You can choose 4 races from Lance, Carsise, Phylis and Ami. This game is free to play forever as mentioned on its official web site. This game has alot of quest to complete so you will not get bored to level up your character through train.

Mozilla's Thunderbid

Having a Windows notebook replacing my Apple Powermac G4, is one thing that previously I strongly avoided! But because there's no online stock trading software for Macintosh in my country so I have to buy a Dell Latitude D620. Enough about the hardware issue, luckily software that I used on my Mac are also made for windows too. One of them is Thunderbird, this powerful yet free email client is one of the software I download from the internet. It offers features like spam filter, auto setup mail account, and also it has the professional mail client software.

iPhone Anyone?

On 29th of June 2007, Apple has launch its fenomenal phone in the U.S. and like predicted before, it's sold out in a very short time. For the Asian countries it will be ship on 2008, a very long delayed shipment time I think. A few seller would take this time as a good oportunity for selling this item with high prices, usually they will doubled the price (eg. from USD 1000 become USD 2000). A very not reasonable price, but people will buy it for their prestige. For me? I'll wait for the official shipment in my country.

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