Please Don't Harm Your Cell Phone

Just imagine if your cell phone is one of the Decepticon and it's mad at you


SIRIUS - Stilleto 2 Portable Satellite Radio

Need some portable entertainment more than just replaying your music play list? Sirius will launch their portable satellite radio on fall of 2007. The Stilleto 2 Portable Satellite Radio measures in at 1.9” W x 4.3” L x 0.6” D and weighs 4.3 ounces and comes with an Altec Lansing Headphone. The display is a 2.2” color LCD and the device uses a six-way navigation control allowing for one handed operation. It also has the ability to rewinding and replaying radio program, WiFi capability will allow you to hear Sirius streaming content from any hotspot. This radio will company you for four hours of satellite playtime, 10 hours of WiFi, and 20 hours of MP3 playback. Buy online here for Sirius related product Sirius Stiletto SL100 Portable Satellite Radio Receiver


Macintosh or PC

What Should I Buy?

I'm planning to buy a new computer, but I'm a little confused between Macintosh or a PC. I'm a Mac user which now use a PC notebook. I have plan to buy a Macbook the black one or a Hewlett Packard 2710p. Please help me decide which computer I should buy, and I'll post your link here, thanks before...

Windows XP Narrator

Feeling lonely when work with your computer, well make your computer talk. Here's how:
  1. Select Start, Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, Narrator.
  2. Or press the Windows key plus the letter "U" to open the Utility Manager. (This is easier)
To turn Narrator off, click the Exit button or right-click its taskbar item and select Close.

ZEUS Master Of Olympus

It's time for RETRO!!! Sometime playing old game is FUN...the problem is I cannot play this game on my Windows XP SP2...By the way ZEUS is a city building city with the ancient greek scenario. You will meet a lot of God and Godess, you will do some ancient trading, and you'll have to fight monster to finish the scenario...this game is great eventhough it's an old game!!!