My Pirate King Online Guild

This is my guild on the Pirate King Online game, the NOSFERATU GUILD, well this guild is a startup guild, and have 11 members, but we have a great friendship each other. We're still recruiting members and hoping that this guild would be one of top 10 Guild in Pirate King Online.
Nosferatu means the undead, as we know our character is an undead character, imagine after being killed you'll be resurect on the town, lol!!! By the way have you try this game?


Hey wanna try something different in washing your clothes? well try this, wash your clothes without SOAP!!! Impossible isn't it? Haier's Wash 20 can do this with It works by breaking down water molecules into OH- and H+ ions; the stains on the linens are "attracted and retained by ions of OH-, while the clothes are sterilized by the H+ ions. I don't if we need to add perfume or not...but I think you'll save few bucks by not buying Washing Soap, lol.

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GPS Watch For Extreme Sport Lover

Worried of being lost when doing an extreme sport activities? or Lost in the middle of the golf field? Now Pyxis has launched a GPS Watch! It can be load with Golf Field Map so you can calculate how far you from the pin. Unfortunately this device right now is only sold in Korea. But I think this is a must have gadget for sport lover.

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Nintendo's Mii Editor

Now you can make or edit Mii for your Nintendo Wii even when you're not turn on your Wii. You can find this interesting software from Mii Editor page. Well it says it have these features:
  • Load and save Mii binary files extracted from your Wii remote
  • Load and save XML or edit it directly within the interface
  • Complete control over all Mii properties, even those that can't be changed on the Wii
  • Visual representation of your Mii characters
  • Export your Mii to a JPEG image
I haven't try this but I will try it soon. Go Wii Go...Source
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Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Do you have wake up problem in the morning? Well I think here some the solution to your problem, The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock.
The Sonic Bomb Clock has an adjustable volume alarm with a maximum loudness of 113 decibels!. Just slip it under your mattress and your ears will bleed and your bed will shake, and there is no way you will oversleep. You won't stand the sound that comes out from this alarm clock...

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iPhone Accessories

The cool Apple iPhone deserved a cool accessories too. Macally has just released seven new accessories for this gadget. The accessories are :
  • mCLIP and mCLIP-X, which are two “stylish” belt clips (the latter made with leather)
  • mCASE, is a hard leather case
  • mSLEEVE, is a soft leather sheath
  • mPOUCH, a leather pouch
  • the USBPOWER, which is a universal AC/USB charger for wall outlets or cars
  • the USBCIG2, a cigarette lighter charger
These accessories sell at the price range from $14.99 to $29.99. My choice is the's so cool...

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Portable Wii

To busy for playing Wii at home? Don't worry Century Direct has launched CY-997 a 7″ LCD screen with a built-in sensor bar and speakers. You can attach this device to your Nintendo Wii , and play games on the move without a television. the perfect item for Wii addicts going on vacation. This unit weighs 880g, and the lid is folded for travel in a similar fashion to laptops and portable DVD players.

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Pirate King Online - After Life Expansion

The Pirate King Online - After Life Expansion has already hit the net. The game developer added several new feature to this game, such as Pet System, Dungeon, Apparels, Party System, Life Skills, Rebirth Skill, Chaos Argent and others. The long waited feature at last come to this game - the Rebirth System which allow player to reset their stat points and character from the begining. Have you download the client yet?

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