Finaly Google AdSense Between Your Post !

Finally Blogger has launched its new feature for inserting google Adsense between your posting. This feature is very usefull, well at least you dont have to change some string in the google Adsense code so it'll safe more time...This is how to insert your Google Adsense between your post:
  1. Log into your Blogger account at .
  2. Visit your blog's Template tab and click on the Page Elements link.
  3. Click Edit in the Blog Posts section.

  4. Check the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. You can then select how often you'd like your ads to appear, such as once after every post or once after every other post.

  5. Customize the ads and click on Save Changes when you're done.
BRAVO GOOGLE, BRAVO BLOGGER! you know what your customer want!!!

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